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Partnering with AnotherHand Virtual Assistant can give you the edge to get ahead in the corporate, private or small business world.

Service Niches


Over 10 years experience in hospitality including sales, event planning, hotel operations and team training and travel planning.


Volunteer and work experience with an international 501(c)(3). Including Medical, Education and Economic Rehabilitation.

Health Care

Over 10 years experience in Medical and Dental in administrative and office management roles.

Emergency Preparedness

Master's Degree from Penn State in Homeland Security and Public Health Preparedness.

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Virtual Assistant FAQ

Having a virtual assistant like AnotherHand allows you to have an expert focus on a project that needs to be done for you to grow your business.

Having a collaborative relationship with your Virtual Assistant will help bring a whole new energy and point of view to a project. 

Basically, get more done in less time in a potentially creative and invigorating process.

Virtual Assistants are contract or freelance entrepreneurs.  They are not staff; meaning you don’t have to pay for their employee benefits.  In addition you are not paying for staff/office materials such as computers, office space, phones and other in office expenses. 

Typically you are paying a hourly rate.  This is only the amount of time it takes to get the project done.  You are not paying for vacation, sick time or time spent at the water cooler. 

It is a more economical way to increase the number of hands helping you reach your goals without increasing employee costs.  

Deposits are an industry standard and is security for both client and Virtual Assistant.  The client is retaining the time, expertise and talent of the Virtual Assistant and project work costs are being covered by Client’s initial payment. 

Exceptional service is the end goal with both client and Virtual Assistant pleased with the final product.

Services can be provided on a project to project basis, monthly retainer or hourly.  

If you know you are needing a dedicated person for 40 hours a month, we can make those arrangements and track hours to make sure your end goal is met each month. 

My goal is to help you reach yours.

Communication is the key to completing any project.  Phone, video calls, emails, chats and other technology can be used to establish and complete projects. 

Initial phone or video call will be scheduled and communication schedule will be established for the duration of the project.

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